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Capital Kids project donates 160 tablets

The Ministry of Education is 160 steps closer to reaching their target of 10 000 tablets. This is after the Capital Kids Project donated the devices in memory of broadcaster Veoma Ali. Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw said it was a timely donation to assist students via their Google Suite Tech Drive Project for Education. 

“I am pleased that a number of corporate entities have come forward to be a part of this wider project for education. The tablets donated today will go a long way in terms of helping us reach our target. We’re not fully where we want to be, but I am assured from what was just said that more are coming,” she said. 

She added that everyone across Barbados, in particular corporate entities, recognised how difficult it was to cope with the environment during COVID-19, which was nothing the Government or the Ministry of Education had planned. 

“Perhaps if we had been able to plan, we would have been able to sit with you and go through the types of resources needed. I believe that while we are planning for this period for this September, I think that devices generally are something that corporate entities can consider in being able to assist education and ensure that the Government can work with them to ensure every child is provided with a device,” Bradshaw added. 

The minister noted there was still an issue with getting devices into the country. She said some had already been committed but because of the global challenges, they were still trying to mobilise to get the devices here. 

“I am looking forward to September, and one of the things this process has taught us is we perhaps more than ever, have to look at a blended approach to teaching and learning. We have been able to cope in this environment with teaching online. It is not the type of online teaching we would want to have unfolded, but it is certainly a good tester for what is to come,” she said, adding that it has sparked an interest in the ministry in creating creative content and exploring a full education channel. 

Director of Capital Media, Vic Fernanded, said Ali was passionate about children and education and she got her passion from both her parents, who are educators. He read a short piece penned by Ali nine days before her passing, asking adults to pay more attention to how children learn and how they could help. “… To be educated is not to have arrived, but to travel with a different view. V never arrived, but travelled until death,” Fernandes read as part of a message from Ali’s father Omar Ali. 

He also thanked benefactor David Csumrik, representative from the Amarone Charitable Trust, who provided Capital Media with a $200 000 grant. Already $50 000 has been given to a number of needy families, another $50 000 to Living Water Community and $100 000 to the ministry for assistance with the tablet drive. (RA)

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