The Amarone Charitable Trust was established in 2014 with the aim to find solutions and provide assistance for needs that weren’t being met in the global community, with a specific focus on Barbados---

International Support

The goal is to develop athletes that will represent Barbados with distinction at international competitions, particularly the World Commonwealth and Olympic Games. This program was designed to assist promising athletes in Barbados in the improvement of their performances through additional, specialized training, counseling, and other means. The goal of this program is to provide support for those young athletes who have demonstrated the potential to qualify for and perform well at international events, including the Commonwealth and Olympic Games. The Trust is providing financial assistance to fund additional specialized training to athletes, two of whom participated in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

This program is directed towards supporting individual athletes in disciplines such as, but not limited to track and field racquet sports, boxing and swimming.

The track and field program is collaboration between the trust and Surfside Wellness here in Barbados. The trust, in conjunction with Surfside, established a personal strength and conditioning program, including initial testing, nutritional supplementation, sports medicine and physiotherapy. The program is advertised as a scholarship to local athletes, who then submit applications and are selected to participate in the program. Presently we are supporting three athletes’ participation in this program.

The swimming program involved the sponsorship of one of Barbados top female swimmers, who qualified for and competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Having finished her university training in the USA she expressed a desire to continue her training with a view to continuing to compete and improve her results at international competitions culminating with the 2020 Olympics. As is often the case, elite athletes do not have the financial support to live reasonably while continuing their training regime. The trust has provided monetary support to assist with the costs of dry land training, attendance at international competitions and a small living allowance.

In addition to the Excel in Sports Program the trust is participating in two further projects:

In addition to the Excel in Sports Program the trust is participating in two further projects:


5K Trail Mix

Barbados Adventure Race