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Fishers Of Men Charity
The trust supports the continuing efforts of the Fishers of Men Charity, which was founded and is lead by Sharon Bellamy. The following is a description of the Fishers of Men Charity, its history and its objectives as written by Sharon.

There’s great need in the nation of Barbados. When you walk the streets daily you can see the need, the lack, those that are hungry and in some cases some persons have not put themselves in these situations. Unfortunate breaks with housing, fires, family members etc. Since the recession the need in Barbados has grown rapidly and continues to do so. In spite of this my objective is to see the least fortunate taken care of. From the time I have known myself this has been my passion, burden and deepest desire, and more so consistently over the last 12 years.

I have worked tirelessly and without fail, out of my own pocket for 9 of these 12 years feeding the least fortunate breakfast, lunch and dinner. Helping with bills, groceries, school supplies and in any way I possibly could. Waking up at 4am every morning until my story was featured in the newspapers some 3 years ago and some concerned persons with kindred hearts offered their assistance via giving foodstuff, for this measure of kindness I am forever grateful!

The main goal

The main goal of this charity, “Fishers Of Men”, is to make a difference in the lives of these children who are the future of this nation and the next generation. I strongly believe every child deserves a chance. They never asked to be born but they are here. Fishers Of Men intends to ensure such things like food, clothing and care etc. Which many people within in society overlook and have become common placed to them, though this is not a privilege that is not afforded to many of the least fortunate to overlook, we intend and purpose that the children will have such things we take for granted because every child deserves a fair chance. My love for the children has grown and continues to grow, they are precious gems.

My main focus for these children is to see them have a good education, a good life and to have it embedded within their hearts and etched across their minds that people care about them. In addition to this, to cement this, in going forward to secure our nation’s future and the generation of tomorrow. My intention is not to be a part of the system of things, “that drops all at the age of permission, age 18 to fend for themselves”, but to cultivate model citizens fostering them through good educational initiatives preparing them for life. I personally want to see them advanced in college, the University of the West Indies and to accomplish their goals. We endeavour during the summer camp to further their education, giving them knowledge of spirituality, as well as academic studies, teaching self-worth and self-respect. I truly know and believe education is a key to life, that being the case my desire is to offer this camp free of cost, taking them on tours, site trips etc.

Only within the last year because of the feature in the newspaper, I have received recognition from a, “Trust”, whom offered a six month grocery provision, which is at its end. For this I am again forever grateful, as are the children, least fortunate people and the elderly that have benefited by it through this charity. Though helpful, however the work load currently exceeds the closing of this six month food provision, as I have to purchase school clothes, books, sponsor haircuts, give clothing for special outings, buy snacks and out of my earnings as a fish vendor, being dependant on the season and fish sales it is not easy, but I have purposed regardless to carry out this work as best I can. This charity as stated gives out breakfast and lunch etc. every day and the number of persons I attend to is growing rapidly and it is done each day by me out of pocket. My current number of attendees is 40 persons, thereabout and the number is growing.

Finally I take the children to outings 4 times yearly at different venues across the nation such as the Hilton hotel, cruises and fun days. I am inviting you to be a part of the process of impacting the lives of these children for the better, in supporting this charity yearly or and by supporting our annual events by donating food stuff, finance or resources needed of any kind for these occasions, or and the Fishers of men‘s initiatives for the this year and for the years set before us. We invite you to leave and indelible mark on the generation and to impact our future.

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